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    January 10, 2013


    When I was in Osaka the MFC machines were mostly 8000 life, and in more out-of-the-way arcades it went up to 10000. The only instance I know of where points refill is when I won the round and lost all my life at the same time, then started the next round with 100 life. I think both games have the option of paying more and removing the limits; I don't remember the specifics.

    I found the MFC system less insidious than MJ5's since time and score are separated so there's no reason to rush your moves. It also lets you play WWYD games on the side and change the soundtrack to the previous games.

    It's not really important, but it seems that the Suica public transport card can be used in place of the 300 yen Konami card. I've got no idea if it still works right on public transport afterwards.

    Most stuff around Akiba was premium-priced since it's so touristy. I played MFC on the top floor of Don Quixote, which is actually a pretty comprehensive arcade (I played Cyber Diver of all things!) but not a place you're going to get a deal at.

    I paid for stuff with Suica and it works just fine as a train pass afterwards. It's a really cool idea, but I didn't want to load up my card because that would have been an even faster way for me to lose all my money.

    The extra stuff in MFC sounds cool: I poked around the menus but didn't find anything as neat as quizzes.

    Something I didn't mention here and which comes to mind for both games are the sweet separate TV screens that play your games, or other people's games. When I played MJ5 I would send all my interesting hands to the screen and it was kind of gratifying to see the replay go up. A lot of arcade games have this and I think it's a pretty clever thing.

    Actually, the Suica thing seems to be accidental - it doesn't pay for the games, you just scan it and it's recognized as an e-amusement pass. It was a nuisance when I found out because I just wanted to play DM XG3 on my normal card and it wouldn't let me cancel the new (Suica) one.

    The only thing I remember about the Don Quixote arcade was it being painfully loud (even by Japanese arcade standards) so I left pretty quickly. Musician earplugs (Etymotic ER-20 or similar) are something I recommend for any arcade crawling.

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