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    May 19, 2012


    Selling VF could probably be done without simply ragging on other games; Marvel 3 is misrepresented especially, as the balance of UMVC3 is proving to be better than dismissive cynics thought at first, and it doesn't just throw in characters for the sake of it. Every character in that game is quite unique, many with their own systems and base concepts.

    So that kind of attitude just comes off as "those people over there having fun with those games I don't like! STOP IT! I'll show you a real game! You're not having fun the right way!"

    Having said that, you make good, concise points about why VF is strong. VF is a great game, and it's true that it focuses on the fundamentals more than any other fighting game. The big difference between VF and series that have meta game systems is that while VF does stick to the basics, its basics do go a lot deeper and truly mastering a single character requires more commitment than other games.

    Other games suit people with different desires, as their individual characters tend to be simpler than VF, but the complexity of the meta game makes up for it. The meta game is something universal across all characters though, inviting playing a larger stable.

    Games like Guilty Gear or BlazBlue seem to straddle these pools of design; focusing both on totally unique characters and solid fundamental concepts, but layering on a heavy degree of meta game as well.

    Regardless, it would be good if VF could get the exposure that it deserves. It doesn't just represent "yet another fighting game", but a branch of the genre's evolution that is underserved by the other currently popular games, even counting Tekken in as VG's arguably closest relative.

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