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    February 10, 2012



    They hardly order trackers to remove fansubbed Kamen Rider shows. And they know about TV-Nihon.

    Strange indeed.

    But this is really nothing new. It's that strange combo of 'desire' not matching 'reality' and since reality sucks, just pretend it doesn't exist. See also Bandai and their decades-long attempt to become a major force in America.

    Japan seems to be in a very strange mindset right now. There's a general turning away from the West in many areas and pushing more on the Pac Rim nations, Taiwan, China, Korea and so on. In addition I have the feel that they're really turning inward, anime in particular giving up on the concept of export and just working that ever smaller circle of internal consumption.

    But there also could be some legacy thinking going on at Toei. "Saban bought that Super Sentai show, and that Kamen Rider show, and that Metal Hero show, so we have to make sure nobody transgresses on the I.P. in case they ever come back and want to buy more"

    Hey, Toei? They ain't coming back. Those days are gone.

    They just took down my three-minute Sailor Venus tribute and got a strike against my account. At this rate, they're going to get a lot of people banned.

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