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    January 19, 2011


    Azteckaiser was subbed by Skaro Hunting Society, so unfortunately I don't think they will sub the whole thing.

    They have some interesting thing here and there, though. I need to check Battle Hawk (Nagai and Ishikawa were behing this show, too) and Sukeban Deka II one of those days.

    Posted this on the Wrestling Observer/Figure 4 Weekly board a few weeks ago, with a little bit of interest. Thankfully someone IDed some of the wrestler cameos at the end when the greasy guy in the mac is interviewing Antonio Inoki. Shoji Kai, Don Arakawa, and George Takano (The Cobra) are in the background.

    Inoki also shows up in the Azteckaiser manga, but the manga isn't as fun as the TV show. If CHIKARA ever get a TV deal they should really consider something like this a format.

    Was gonna watch Fractale via stream but Hulu blocks Canada. This news is strange especially now that they are allowing the French simulcast to continue.
    On the next episode of Azteckaiser: After losing another friend in the ring the hero vents by verbally abusing patients at a children's hospital before taking off on his three wheeler to pick off unsuspecting
    j-walkers. Hope more of this Nagai artifact gets subbed.

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