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    January 02, 2011


    I got a similar reaction when I read that article: the current situation is a double-edged sword. One argument of mine is that we can now obtain cool stuff more cheaply - or, if downloaded from the net, for free - but that quite literally cheapens the experience for me.

    Take that $400 KnK box set for instance: I've had to budget my finances really carefully over the next month or two, but somehow the fact that I've had to *save up specially* will make me all the more appreciative of the thing when it turns up.

    Granted, I have more disposable income these days than when I was a student who could only earn money in the holidays, but I do miss the 'special-ness' of having to hunt down a copy of a DVD/album/book or whatever.

    As much as I miss that feeling, the benefits outweigh this because I owe so much in terms of recommendations and reviews from like-minded people. Would I have watched - through legal means or otherwise - all these weird and wonderful movies and TV shows in the first place if it weren't for the internet? Absolutely not.

    Pretty much what I went through during the late 90s (Even comparing video length to price). As I would scour Blockbuster and another video store that mainly carried CPM titles for stuff I had not seen. Though the selection never really grew. I also bought dozens of bootleg Dragonball Z tapes from a Chinese convenience store in my neighborhood. Though the best place to get new stuff for cheap was at a buy/sell/trade video game shop where they had at least two shelves filled with used tapes and there would usually be a few new titles each week. The internet has helped me discover stuff I likely would never have heard of or bothered checking out before. I hope the machine keeps going as well but I do find some of the stuff it will unleash will be not everyones cup of tea. I think the culture is being used to sell a certain lifestyle that to me is not genuine and too repetitive in some areas but regardless it is still an interesting time to be a geek for sure. Great write-up, brought up a crap load of nostalgia.

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