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    December 05, 2010


    I've played maybe two or three of these on the PS2 (the license was actually lent to "The Simple" series, a fate which also befell the Ten and Akagi games) billed as "dramatic mahjong". They're pretty much the same as what you describe above - a series of animated manga panels with east only challenge matches in between. I personally like "Saru" the ape guy.

    I love reading your write-ups on this stuff, and eagerly await your article on "The Worst of the Worst" where we'll see gems like "Tokoro's Mahjong" and "Mahjong Clinic". ;-)

    There is an Usagi arcade machine in Kumamoto that I frequent. It really is heart-stopping when you see the powers activate, because the slight pause that happens could just as easily be a "Riichi", "Ron", or "Tsumo"! I wish i bought the PS2 game when I saw it. :s

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