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    November 24, 2010


    I really should hate this show, but I unconditionally love it with all of my heart.

    Damn you Japan, damn you in the ass!

    The Transformers episode surprised the hell out of me. I love how they replaced the TECHNOLOGY inside parts of the robots with flat pictures of gears and hardware and whatnot. Hilarious AND cheap!

    This show is one of my favorites this year. Its got so much kick despite sometimes missing the mark. Even then, their is still eye candy to enjoy,that and the baddies gloriously exploding while saying their last word(s).

    I thought the joke with Garterbelt was more that he was a gay priest rather than a pedophile. There was that one scene during the Transformers parody episode...

    I really want to love this show, but it's just not funny enough. It feels half-assed, like the team wants marks just for being different without actually making it a good show on top of that. Maybe I'm just not enough in touch with my inner twelve-year-old boy or something, I dunno.

    The soundtrack is ill as fuck, though.

    I love this show for two principal reasons:

    (1) It's something new under the sun. In ANIME, of all media. The novelty of original content in an industry plagued by stagnation CANNOT be understated, at least as far as I'm concerned.

    (2) It is a LOVING, honest tribute to the material it principally parodies -- namely, late-model Cartoon Network fare, principally the style of Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, all of which are favorites of mine).

    P&S doesn't settle just for aping the art style of these filthy roundeyes cartoons. The whole way the show's gags and action sequences are structured and choreographed shows how much attention and respect Imaishi and company have paid to the total creative values of their American inspirations. The overblown speed lines, the squash-and-stretch, the cacophonic sound effects, and of course the lovably inept villains and their silly plots -- this show smacks of a love you don't see much in anime these days.

    Additionally, the show's very setting reflects just how much actual, qualitative homework went into researching the CULTURE as well as the style of American cartoons. Cops have the right uniforms, the bathrooms have the right toilets (and the right kind and amount of filth and graffiti), the high school doesn't have uniforms (except when Scanty and Kneesocks make their evil debut). They even remembered the jury in the episode with the silly reality-TV courtroom show! It's just so goddamned REFRESHING to see a show that sees an American (or pseudo-American) premise as more than an excuse to paint Japan blonde (with goofy black minstr--er, characters, thrown in for local politically-incorrect color)!

    Yes, this show is lowbrow through and through, and it's understandable where the abundance of feces might turn off a lot of potential viewers. But to me, at least, the juvenile crudity is more than offset by the unadulterated NOVELTY of this show. I honestly don't care that this show is crude simply because it's so fucking LOVING and FUN. God bless Imaishi as he continues to ascend towards legendary status.

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