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    November 04, 2010


    I'm so glad that I now know someone else who has suffered through this mess. Yes, I've seen it (as if I had to tell you) and yes it's awful. I get the feeling they planned for this to be somewhat longer / better and ran out of money (one clue is a voice actress from the game being credited when neither she nor her character appear in the anime)...

    I doubt Sonoda did anything more than cash a check. Actually, his designs seem to have been messed with a little. They seem off model somehow when you look at images from the actual games.

    As for the reasoning behind the licensing, do you think that they were trying to cash in on more popular works like Bubblegum Crisis, even though the connection between this and those far superior series is tenuous at best? I think that makes sense. All in all, nothing can save this from being awful...and it's hard saying that about something related to a series I love.

    Fun Fact - Even though this never got a proper Japanese DVD release, Hirameki's laser release of this does use the "Game-on-Video" bit. I'm not quite sure how successful it is, because I don't own a laserdisc player. Let's just assume it's awful.

    There's definitely a reason Sonoda's name is so huge on the box. I imagine this license was really cheap, and I don't think they had any other angle to sell to US fans. If they'd done this in 1996, they might have had something going on.

    And yeah, any distinctive Sonoda "look" is pretty absent from the anime, leaving.... nothing, really.

    I think the release is an example of the 'slow time' effect of a Japanese company reacting to American anime interest.

    (I'm thinking 'slow time' will go over better than 'old playbooks')

    I think you're right, Dave, the key focus was most likely "hey, those round-eyes LOVES them some BGC!", maybe even added to when CPM was hep on Gal Force.

    Problem was, of course, it wasn't 1994 anymore.

    Imagine if there was a game using chara designed by Mikimoto! They'd have been all OVER that.

    And it's so insane that to many of the AmeriOtaku (tm) Sonoda, Sademoto and Mikimoto are "huh? who?"...

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