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    August 30, 2010


    Yotsuba&'s message is one that I try to keep in the back of my mind as I go through my days doing stuff I don't particularly enjoy. Doing so always helps make things feel a little better, which is what I hope for.

    Do your best, lady!

    "The tagline of Yotsuba&! is simply "Enjoy everything." Stop for a second. We're all overloaded with stimuli: the first piece is gone and replaced with a fresh signal too fast for us to appreciate it...If our theoretical couch potato's mind is just on getting through it, will the poor spud ever actually get any happiness out of the images flashing in front of his eyes? Isn't beauty worth a pause?"

    And isn't the rest of the world worth a pause too? :)

    "When a new volume of Yotsuba&! comes in, I'm enthusiastic but I try to take it slow. I let my eyes linger on the average, beautiful places Azuma wants to show us. I let myself laugh: at the end of the chapter about making a cake,"

    Maybe part of the idea is to enjoy everything, not just digitized media? Sure you can download lots of recipes, but then actually baking an eating a cake is pretty analog. Said couch potato can download more audio and video than he'd ever have time to listen to, but we don't even have a way to digitize and display the taste, texture, and aroma of a freshly-baked cake. ;)

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