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    February 28, 2010


    I'd like to take a moment to say good job with your first Astro Toy review!

    I liked Rob's stuff but I kinda got tired of all the chick figures, Krauser's antics notwithstanding, and there was this curious air about the reviews that Rob might not have been able to tell the different between a general release figure, something only available as a UFO catcher prize, and he seemed to overpay for simple things...

    All of which I suspect won't be an issue with your reviews! Get ready, it's going to be an interesting year just for Revoltech figures (Gamera! Baragon! Daimajin! MASER CANNON, baby! F'ing JSDF Maser Cannon!)

    Not to mention all the hella cool robots.

    Good Luck!

    Congrats dude. Time to sit back and let all those ad sense dollers come a rolling in.

    REAL TALK: the last few days, every time I went to Anime News Network for my First Gundam Fix, I'd look at that K-On figurine column and wonder what kind of horrible little man could write such a thing.

    In my defense, I never read the actual article before then and didn't realize how Badass Manly K-on~ figurines could be (not very manly at all, although David Cabrera can at least take the cold, sharp edge off the Dagger of Moe).

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