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    January 28, 2010


    Bat Franken for Senate!

    I know it sound like foolish nostalgia, but dammit there was SOMETHING with all the older shows, some raw frantic, insane energy that is lacking in the current shows.

    Take for example what you're talking about here. Bat Franken. Utterly insane but perfectly logical for a kid. And you know that during the Toei festival this ran at (as part of a larger card of course) the theater was just awash in 'cool!' and 'wow! did you see that?' and other shouts of joy. And every single kid piled out of the theater quoting dialog and re-enacting moves.

    I think defeating the main baddie and him exploding must be a 'signature' bit, I have a copy of a Bandai Visual 'best of' tape of different Riders and their finish move, defeating the leader, and they pretty much ALL blow up, blow up real good.

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