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    November 10, 2009


    Remember how Einstein said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results?

    And this has been going on for, what? Two decades? In the west, we've gone from already-expensive VHS tapes to DVDs of anime released years after they first landed in Japan. Now this.


    You'd think the rampant piracy would inspire a few game-changers to step up to the plate, but no. It's as though traditional media's trying to cover their ears and pretend that the situation will eventually go away.

    That impresses me, with its shortsightedness.

    The Unicorn Blu-Ray is actually the international release expected to sell in the US and other countries. With both subtitles and an English dub.

    Project A-ko on UK R2 DVD. DUB-ONLY, no Japanese track at all. Hardly any special features, either.

    Well, as David says, it's not the first time Bandai has done this. This is the point where I whip out my tired old saws about 'old playbooks' and 'intentional planning to fail' and suchlike.

    (what would be the 'plan to fail' here? "Americans say they want BD and dubbed into English and we GAVE them that and we only sold 800 copies-f them, no more anime on BD for America! How's the Pac Rim market doing for us?")

    They REALLY have to get over this reverse importation fear. If they want the BIG MONEY for their anime just put decent quality subs (as in NOT WRITTEN BY A JAPANESE WITH AN EXTRA YEAR OF ENGLISH ON HIS SCHOOL STATS) on the releases and let us idiots pay the awful import price.

    HEY! Here's a CRAZY idea! Why not use their EXISTING WEBSITES to sell Japanese DVDs and BD, at honest exchange rate prices but WITHOUT the butthurt shipping costs from Japan? My friend Jerry would gladly still pay $250 for Shin Mazinger BD box 2 if it was $10 shipped F.O.B California and had English subs on it. I mean, he's still gonna buy it from CD Japan but man, just shaving off the shipping would do wonders.

    But NO! That makes SENSE. That means they'd have to make their DVDs both R1 and R2 encoded. That would mean no more crap encoding of the discs. That would mean they'd have to expose America to all kinds of shows, not just..whatever passes for what they release now. Good lord we might have people buying Xabungle and Giant Gorg and Galatt and...*gasp* Dougram! MADNESS!

    I just wanna bitch-slap every higher up at Bandai. I do. Just line them all up. "and THIS is for crippling Zeta Gundam! and THIS is for..."

    Wow, I just got educated. Great post. Maybe now I will complain less about paying $25 for 3 episodes here in American. Or maybe not.

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