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    September 16, 2009


    No comment on the hilariously politically incorrect sequence where Pygman-as-African-American-Jim-Mazinger chucks a gigantic barrage of spears at chaste Japanese beauty Sayaka, who is subsequently rescued by the two most Aryan human characters in the show? (Lorelei and the Gamias don't count because they were godless machines, incapable of appreciating their superior synthetic racial heritage.)

    Maybe Casey-chan will pick up the slack in getting us some justice here.


    Are you sure it was swine flue or maybe him and his staff are scrambling to finish up this show? I've always assumed TV Anime was usually down to the wire.

    Or maybe, and this is a huge hope, another season got greenlit at the last minute?

    I mean, might not be Shin Mazinger part 2, but who knows... (Shin Grandizer would probably make heads explode)

    And the show looks AMAZING on the Japanese Blu-ray discs. Box 2 (10-18) has just been solicited and it's still 'broadcast' and 'other means' lengths (you get both on the BD discs), so...

    (for those that don't understand such things, no English dub, no English subs and the BD Live content is Japan-only locked. WAY TO BE INTERNATIONAL, BANDAI! FUCK YOU!)

    Where is my episode 25 post dude? I love reading these.

    The last will be a double feature. I'm waiting on Gattai's release of 26.

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