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    September 09, 2009


    It's really almost painful knowing how badly Ashura is eventually going to lose, when after all that setup of repeated failure, gruesome death, and tears of misery and anguish, I really, really want him/her/them to win. The poor guy/girl has been knocked down so many times and yet remains so persistent, you can't help but want him/her to win just this once.

    Ashura represents all of our futile struggles in our meaningless existences, slogging through monotony and humiliation for that one shot at ultimate glory/redemption/completion that we will never reach until death finally comes to claim us. Ashura IS the human condition; gender-confused, morally weak, desperate for some kind of answer as to why we have to put up with this shit. And without fail, he gets pantsed in high school by hair-brained doofus jocks like Kabuto Kouji and his big dumb robot. It's high time Ashura got him/herself some serious revenge-of-the-nerds action going with the aid of MECHANICAL BEAST BARON ASHURA.

    Go, Ashura! Wipe that stupid puckering yell off his ridiculously sideburned face!

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