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    September 30, 2009


    I should organise one of these for one of the UK cons (because no one else will...). Not that I know any of the other UK anime bloggers personally, but the last time someone tried something like this it was just one site telling you how to set up an anime site, and me trolling them them with Web 2.0 questions and claiming that only an idiot would try to run a forum (I was such an idiot). Everyone else just sat in silence.

    We at CD aren't trolling-- we do essentially believe the stuff we say, I really do feel that way about Haruhi and Key-- but we aren't taking ourselves (or anime) overly seriously either. We're having fun. You should be too.

    I would say this doesn't parse for me, but then I remembered you can't troll on your own blog that you write on.

    Not that what was said about CD wasn't all valid, it was just worded badly.

    I think what's most confusing about Colony Drop is that we're explicitly trying to have fun, and at the same time also presenting ideas (which we genuinely believe in) that often go against the common beliefs of the bloggin' fandom. As a result, people don't know what to make of it and assume we're trolling.

    The answer, of course, is for people to lighten the fuck up and stop taking these cartoons so seriously, while at the same time having the balls to actually be critical. This won't happen anytime soon, though.

    The problem I have with the bulk of anime blogging isn't so much that they take these cartoons so seriously, it's that they take them seriously in a way that has nothing to do with the fact they are cartoons.

    They'd invariably be better off discussing visual novels, light novels or manga, because nothing they want to talk about has anything to do with animation. Because so much anime is adaptation, often there is little point discussing the story, only how the story is told. Like how so much comic blogging treats art as an afterthought, anime blogging often treats storyboarding, animation, direction and editing likewise.

    The other major problems I have are a lack of research and idea of where the object of their otaku obsession falls in the grand scheme of things.

    It certainly wasn't our most successful panel attempt but hey you have to start somewhere. If it happens again I have a feeling it will go a bit better.

    I like critical analysis of anything. I hated when my mom or other people would tell me to shut up, "it's just TV!"

    Any asshole on the street can sit down and be entertained, it takes a whole other level of asshole to actually think about it.

    Hey! I was the guy who refused your flyer. For what it's worth, I was already thoroughly familiar with Colony Drop, and didn't want another piece of paper to carry around. No offense meant; I just didn't need the flyer.

    I think the main problem with Colony Drop's approach is that the reviews often come across as completely serious. It's hard to lighten up about a review when it appears to be the exact opposite of light. The purpose of the reviews and commentary on here is often unclear.

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