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    February 09, 2009


    Why not check out Forbidden Science before calling it porn or implying that it's crap just shelled out to geeks for sales? I'm the creator of the show, and before this I was a concept artist helping to design JJ's Star Trek, Iron Man, Van Helsing, Planet of the Apes, etc. and I feel pretty confident in knowing what self-proclamined geeks may or may not dig. This friday we're airing a two parter one hour special called PROPERTY (starting at 11:30 Friday night) and I'll pit my story against any other sci-fi show this week (well, except B. Galactica, cause that just frigg'n rocks to no end) slam us all ya want, but at least check it out first. Seems fair.

    Hi author of Blog, this comment is from the creator of Horatio's Odyssey. To clear things up the comic handed out at Comic Con was to inform people of an movie I have made that is coming out this summer. Hope you will be able to see it.

    Thanks Director
    Robertson Tirado

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