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    December 22, 2008


    > "ridiculously" "soppy"

    Teh engrish, iz broken.

    > "In conclusion, I am curious enough to maybe trudge through the next part. "

    Go ahead, set your sights on zettai ryouiki.

    It's interesting that Shirou is so irritating an individual. His irritating personality is one of the things that makes him an individual, distinguishable from the frequently faceless and nearly personality-less protagonists of visual novels which are closer to porn than F/sn. (Or so I heard.) I don't think that really excuses it, though.

    Yeah, at the beginning I was thinking "well, at least he's his own man." When he got progressively more irritating I was starting to consider him a bad idea. When I realized the character was never going to change-- or more importantly, mature-- I just started thinking of him as a bad idea.

    He's less dumb in the second route, and any traces of idiocy left in the third is thankfully erased without prejudice. I guess thinking of Fate as the price of admission isn't all that off the mark...

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