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    October 25, 2008


    My friend was telling me about this show, but he couldn't remember the name. He said it was like "Kaiji with baseball"

    I thought he was full of shit. I guess not!

    "the opening sequence consists almost entirely of long, slow pans of our hero, who is, of course, shirtless and wearing leather pants. I guess they want to make sure the fangirls don't leave."

    ROFLMAO. Not sure if there's a fangirl out there who got hooked simply with that OP, hilarious manservice nonetheless XD

    The gambling aspect of this anime is what makes it toally exciting, bloody awesome, I say.

    heheh...yes...tha OP with him shirtless is sth to look for^^ but not only that, there is a moment in OP when there is slow close uo on his eyes - I love this;D
    and about shirtless Tokuchi... he is skinny a little;P but nevertless i Like his drawning.... just wondering when the author will reveal sth more about him...-I can't wait to learn more about him.....

    "fangirl" ;PPPPP

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