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    September 29, 2008


    Holy shit

    Blaze-chan is totally kawaii desu ne ^___^ I hope you gave him EXTRA GLOMPINGS!!! ^___^___^_______^_^_____^

    And yeah, buying stuff at cons anymore is pretty much a license to lose money. Hell, ever since I went back to Japan and saw how crazy cheap secondhand PVC is, I've almost completely stopped buying new figures...

    I've got the advantage, onii-chan!

    You've got NOTHING desu~

    I am totally ordering a shirt for myself with the next batch.

    That Blaze cosplayer went the balls.

    I'm glad you're coming to see Shogun Macbeth! Feel free to get in touch with me in case you need more information . . . we're also having a manga night and a stage combat night that will start with food, drink, then show, then a post show talk back. Thank you for the mention, and we look forward to seeing you at the show!

    Sacha Iskra
    Fujin Macduff, Shogun Macbeth

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