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    August 02, 2008


    I need to figure out which Masami Okui CDs I want to get signed.

    I don't think it'll be a problem with autograph lines. You're overestimating how popular JAM Project is, sadly.

    Get on twitter or something, then you can warn the internet if we have to ditch the Touhou panel and go line up. I thought it was at 8, 7:30 is really pushing it :(

    I burn with eternal shame I can't go to this. This concert was made for me. (would have been even worse if Mizuki and Sasaki had been on board, but even as it is, double arg)

    It is going to be interesting what the reaction is. I assume it'll still be packed because to the great mass of Ameriotaku "DUUUDDE! It's a JAPANESE Group! gotta see it!"'s not an obvious turn-off as 'forcing' them to watch Mazinger Z Vs. Devilman or other 'old' anime.

    I suspect the power and justice of Kageyama and company will carry the day. :)

    My favorite thing about that person's post on JAM Project is that he apparently thinks music falls into two categories: J-Pop and J-Rock.

    Very good Blog, excellent post, and holy words. JAM Project ROCKS FOREVER AND EVER!!! I'm waiting for European Tour... I don't know how much popular they are, but I just know that I love them and their music from the bottom of my heart. I'm a fan since 2000.

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