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    July 13, 2008


    You know, *normally* it wouldn't be OK to put a bad AMV to replace the commercial break, but really, in this case it was the best part of the episode.

    Amusingly, Nogizaka Haruka is already based on a series of novels.

    You needs more moe in your life, Sub~

    wow... just wow... "da shit" is a techno song, got board, niggas like you bitching about subs not being out... said fuck it, give em what they want, but fuck... do shit for ungrateful leeches just cuz they bitching? nah, might as well toss this dashit bitch up in there and release as [dashit]... don't think it's funny, too sad for you, boo hoo... can't understand the comedy in this show... again... too sad for you, boo hoo

    wow, the amount of comments in this post truly say how much people care about your opinion... GOOD GOING GUI

    in all seriousness, interesting article.. can't agree with you about the series, but bitching about a non-existent group named [DASHIT] GOOD GOING :) I definitely would've thought that was a LEGIT PRO release =O

    Uh-oh. Somebody's got his panties in a knot because you didn't like his shitty fansubs.

    Also, dashit, your black-speak is terrible. Everyone knows they don't use big words like "ungrateful". That shit is ten letters!

    not my subs im just using that shit as my nickname...

    and who said I was tryna "black-speak" dumbass xD

    [02:15] that roast-beefy dude is an idiot

    lewl xd



    Who cares about the stupid fansubs? Just watch the episode or don't watch it. If you dont' like commercials then watch something that doesn't.. get a life and go to the movies with your mommy, daddy, or girlfriend so you don't have those fansubs.

    This, on the other hand, is the perfect post. You'd do well to emulate this fellow's trolling technique, if he's not just you on another computer. Let's go over the points, shall we?

    "Naruto Episodes"
    -Is only really here to promote his own site featuring low-quality uploads of Naruto fansubs, the internet's single most available commodity

    "If you dont' like commercials then watch something that doesn't.."
    -Doesn't really understand the complaint in the first place

    "get a life and go to the movies with your mommy, daddy, or girlfriend so you don't have those fansubs."
    -Is an A-plus master of the English language.

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