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    June 03, 2008


    Actually I think Akiyuki Shinbo just does moe shows because he's a pedophile.

    >>SEVENTH MOON(Fukuyama Yoshiki): I would rather he did the fuckawesome Makka na Chikai but I do love Fire Bomber.

    Seconding MAKKA NA CHIKAI

    When whoever told you about Garo being a superhero for adults told you that, they meant it. Blood, gore, impalings, nudity, pretty much a wishlist made of WIN. And Kageyama actually voices a character in the show. No, really.

    I figure I'll throw this out here...

    Oh god, I am fanboying so hard. If only I had money.

    Oh wow. I wish Hironobu Kageyama lived in a skull ring and gave me advice.

    fukuyama is simply the best!!! long life to fire bomber, long life to jam project!

    omg i wish i could have gone....but i couldn't. hopefully they come back. and if that was the line up, it would have been awesome to see.

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