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    June 25, 2008


    Know what else TV-Nihon does?

    Yeah, they suck :(

    Though, they did sub Densha Otoko for me.

    When someone PROPERLY subs Game Center CX (i.e. no cutting of stuff you think is boring but is in actually TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME), I will be all over it.

    Until then, I'll weep in the corner.

    Yeah I don't like TV-N much either. Living with them is kind of a necessary evil, as they do all this stuff that absolutely nobody else will touch. I don't know if you saw the surrounding drama of the Kisama Yatsu Incident (short version: translator claims that "kisama" and "yatsu" are untranslatable words, fansubbers say RESPECT HIS TRANSLATION STYLE ASSHOLES), but it was hysterical.

    And dammit, with everything cut out, the Takeshi no Chousenjou episode is a staggering THIRTEEN MINUTES. Does it even count as having subbed the episode at that point?

    it is retarded of TVN to do that, but to be fair, the real GCCX DVDs extract and separate segments, and it's obvious stylejam is working from those.

    As far as having as watching a person experience a game, you may want to youtube 'Let's Play'. Then you might want to throw your hands up in disgust at the horribly made videos and look here.

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