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    April 01, 2008


    *I couldn't find your email, sorry >_<*


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    Oh, Hiroshi Yamaguchi. How far you've fallen since the brilliant turns of Melty Lancer.

    How dare you insult Rosario + Vampire, or as we fans like to call it, Rosavan, or Rosattousen.

    hahaha lol!
    When I first started reading, I was like are you serious?!!? But then I remembered the date.
    Bad thing is, most of the series from this past season sucked, so this series probably got more attention than deserved.

    Forget Nobuyuki Hiyama, Shuuichi "Aznable" Ikeda plays the main villain in the last two episodes. Oh, I just admitted to watching all 13 episodes. oops.

    It was decent for a shitty show, but I guess I have more tolerance for this stuff than you do. I liked the loli witch who said desu all the time :x

    also they had gainax animators in episode 11 for some reason

    also gunbuster guy does some of the BGM :(

    >Melty Lancer
    I actually came across the original PC-88 Meltylancer game on a ROM CD included with a Japanese emulation mag that I found at Book-Off. It's basically Princess Maker with SYLVIA NIMROD and her friends. I didn't know what I was doing so after about ten minutes the game cut to a sinister-looking office chick who told me how bad I lost, I assume, and then it was GAME OVER, bro. You can't even restart or anything once that happens. You just have to stare at the screen in defeat until you turn your (virtual) computer off.

    >Shuuichi "Aznable" Ikeda
    The other ep I watched of this assfuck show was the 12th, so I did hear Char. There's a way to hire Shuichi Ikeda as a smooth badass for nerd cred, and there's a way NOT to do it. What really caught me was that the other bad guy seemed to just be a cut-pasted Kotomine Kirei.


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