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    October 08, 2007


    I would have dropped it at around the episode 6 mark, then I heard about the ending. After that I downloaded the rest and watched it all at once. Best comedy I've seen in years. I was laughing non-stop.

    Man.... what i dont understand who is the guy who wrote this.. what happen to him? changing the way of this two character girls... so nice and cute at the beginning and in all the anime until episode 10 an 11 where kotonoha gets psycho and in 12 where both seem to love dismember people.. i mean the writer is nuts.

    Maybe the boat was nicer...

    man that was the best anime ever made i'm not satisfed about it ending i wish tey could make more episode or another anime with more 13 episodes i think it ended 2 early man this anime is all i can think about now

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