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    June 06, 2007


    I barely even think of Otokojuku 1 as manly now, because I've seen the later episodes and they totally bury it!

    I should probably finish editing ep 3 sometime.

    I am so glad that more people are learning of Otokojuku. Yes, it loses its way eventually but man, those early episodes are just amazing.

    As much as Hokuto no Ken pretty much defined the 'Apocalypse Warrior' style, Otokojuku is the pattern for so much that has followed. So multi layered.

    It wins just for the Op credit if nothing else.

    This show brings me back to a happy time when men were men, and boys were men, and everyone was bulked to hell and understood the importance of manly friendships. Today's kids watch crap like Naruto and Bleach with metrosexual faggots for protagonists, and it sickens me.

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