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    May 30, 2007


    But the manga is clearly for an older audience and not "kids" as you say. They could have easily just released it with plastic wrap or something of that nature. Like what Del Ray did with the early Negima issues or Viz with Saikano.

    The problem is that it's a comic about a highly-sexualized third-grader attempting to seduce her teacher. The sexual humor and rather blatent pandering to the pedos is pretty much the heart of the series, based on what gets spammed on 4chan. That's just too hot to touch in the US, and I'm honestly surprised they even licensed it, much less almost released it.

    I've heard rumors on the Internets that some copies DID make it out before they canned it - if true, they're now highly eBayable collector's items.

    The fact that the manga is in fact targeted to an older audience kind of says it all, doesn't it?

    My favorite reaction is here.

    It's got everything: the nonsensical DRAWINGS AREN'T REALS argument, the vaguely paranoid fuming about midwest fundie ninja censors threatening our cherished kiddie porn from all sides, and a call for Seven Seas founder Jason DeAngelis to BE A MAN (who sells borderline kiddie porn). Oh, and a comment thread full of little-girl avatars.

    And after throwing up all of these pedo-tacular defenses, the author posts a massive, horrifically NOT FUCKING SAFE FOR WORK image capable of convincing anyone sensible that the Western world is better off without Nymphet.

    Also: Daryl's almost as whiny and embarrassing as the lolita nerds, but for different reasons.

    Oh god, that post is so great. That's exactly the completely balls-out I-don't-ever-leave-this-room insane distance from reality I wanted to see. There's so much crazy unreasonable anime fan there I don't even know where to start.

    I actually agree with you on Daryl, but I take him about as seriously as I take a Kazuo Koike book, and Kazuo Koike books make me laugh hysterically.

    Sub, Fenris: YOU'RE ON NOTICE


    I'd translate "kodomo no jikan" as "age of innocence". That doesn't sound much better.

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