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    April 09, 2007


    I bought those $90 special editions of the Patlabor movies, but I sure as hell didn't pay $90. I waited until a store I buy stuff at had their usual 30% off sale, which pretty much gave every item in stock a 55% discount. So I paid around 35 bucks per set.

    But yeah. Crazy prices.

    Diebuster was one of my favorite shows of the last few years. I was eager to purchase it. But $40 for two episodes and you're not even bothering to dub it? Honnaemise ONLY available in a super-deluxe fancy edition for $80? Fuck you and die.

    How about a blast from the past? Remember when anime DVDs first started hitting shelves?
    Sure, it's just Gundam Wing. However, it was also $25 for 5 episodes of dub AND sub. I still have my $30, three episode Slayers tapes with obvious, single audio track. Big step up!

    Oh, well.

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