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    January 16, 2007


    The show is great, but your review is greater. Your pimp hand be strong fo' real.

    holy shit. best. review. ever. FUCKIN OURAN SCHOOL GODDAMNED HOST MOTHERFUCKING CLUB. thats awesome.

    Pimp ass Review...

    Say, have you ever done a BADASS MANLY ANIME REVIEW on Princess Tutu? Because you should.

    This is the worst review ever -__-

    It was because of this review, that I watched the entire first season of Ouran High School Goddamned Host Motherfuckin' Club. I StumbleUpon'd it over here 2 days ago:
    I have to say, I'm pleased.

    lol. i've never seen this, but this review makes me want to. xD

    Marry me.

    This is the most entertaining Ouran review I've seen yet.

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